Bright and Rooted [Two Soups, Two Ways]

Soup is comfort food. But what if you just want a little slice of comfort with something a little more racy? Something super crispy, almost fried, but accepted in all 9,000 dietary camps on a Monday night?


Photography by Jake Freeman

I don’t have such rules. If I want French fries on a Monday, it’s happening, but sometimes, there are other people in the picture I like to accommodate, and they sometimes have strong feelings toward fried things.

So I find solutions, because everything can be solved and we can all sit in harmony around the table – as long as there’s wine, otherwise, um, we’re not so amicable…


No matter who you’re eating with or how you’re choosing to feed yourself any given month, week, or day, you can always integrate something nourishing that also tastes really good and doesn’t make you want to dissolve in a pool of green juice. Gross.

I love green juice, by the way. Not for dinner though.

One of my secrets to lots of delicious home cooking during the week is always having a few versatile items on hand – big batches of soup, cooked, seasoned quinoa, bacon…what?

I also love multi-purpose foods – one food, two, or even three, ways. When things are seasoned properly, they can be eaten so many different ways.

I also love tofu, a lot. It was my comfort food growing up, and I still totally dig it.

This week, I made you three dishes (whoa!): Beet blood orange soup, coconut carrot soup, and crispy tofu with a sauce duo. You must be special.

Let’s talk health facts, since I like to brag on behalf of food:

Beets are strengthening and detoxifying, and support circulation. This translates to high energy, a clear head and a strong immune system. Beets are awesome for vegans or vegetarians struggling with anemia or low blood count, since they’re natural blood-builders.

Carrots are very soothing for the digestive system and super calming after a stressful day. And of course, they improve your vision. Don’t eat too many though – your feet will turn orange (I’m not joking). The turmeric in this soup is also a magical anti-inflammatory that will sooth your system internally, translating to stronger immunity and digestion, even skin tone and a calm temperament.

The crispy stuff I mentioned earlier boasts vegan protein, an important item if you’re foregoing animal foods. It also tastes really good, when prepared properly, of course. It doesn’t have to be gross mushy stuff.

When the soups are left at a thicker, silky texture, they mingle to form the perfect sauce combination and base for the relatively light tofu.

Head over to creem for the recipes.

Bon appétit and let me know how you do!

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